Michele Puddu Pizzorno
Branch & Sales Manager @ Esprinet SPA

Experienced and results-oriented executive with 10+ years of managerial experience in both b2c and b2b environments; skilled in multitasking and communicating with others, with proven track record of successfully startupping and managing stores, offices and agencies. Committed to creating an environment that is conducive to achieving increased sales with a great focus on customer satisfaction and profit margin, with proficiency in employee supervising and business regulations and experienced in inventory organization and visual merchandising.

Branch & Sales Manager
Esprinet SPA2016-present
  • Branch reorganization:
    • Superb results in sales with +200% growth
    • Excellent results in inventory with less than 0.05% loss
    • Break even target will be achieved within 4 years
  • Trained and developed employes
  • Reorganised the whole layout of the branch
  • Focused the business rules and procedures
Service Manager
Spazio XL Srl2014-2016
  • Startupped a brand new service location with stunning result of being the first Certified Premium Service Provider during its first year of activity in Apple's history and the very first in Sardinia.
  • Created and developed the whole business procedures and rules about providing service and support.
  • Created, edited and developed the informative systems in order to track every step of the business activity.
  • Trained and coached all employee.
  • Break even point achieved in only 1 year.
  • 95% positive customer satisfaction reached in only 1 year.
Store Manager
Spazio XL Srl2009-2014
  • Edited, recreated and developed all the business procedures and rules and the informative systems in order to track every step of the business activity.
  • Excellent sales results (3.5MiO reached)
  • Oversaw merchandising standards according to Apple standards.
  • Hired, trained and coached all employee.
  • Break even point achieved in 4 year.
IT Manager and Sales Representative
Telnet Italia Srl2008-2009

Recruited as a sales representative, during 2008 I've re-organised and managed the whole IT structure and been nominated IT Manager.

Co-founder, CEO
Italcom Servizi Srl2007-2008
Sales Representative
PSLine Srl2007-2008
Technical Assistance Operator and Sales Assistant
AM Informatica2007
Technician and Problem Solver freelance
Advanced sales techniques (VF-TVA)
Vodafone Omnitel N.V., Roma (Italy)2008
  • Professional sales techniques and objections management
  • Agency network management 
  • Forecast planning 
  • Business plan management
Sales Agent Qualification
ASCOM for Chamber of Commerce, Cagliari (Italy)2008
  • Course and exam as a official representative \ sales agent
  • Italian legislation
  • Agency network management 
Employee Management
Telnet Italia Srl, Cagliari (Italy)2008
  • Employee management with focus on sales representative
  • Human Resources legislation
  • Agency network management 
Apple Sales Professional
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2009-2016
  • Sales Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Objection handling
Store Manager Course
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2010
  • Apple resellers management
  • Visual merchandising
  • Relations with suppliers
  • Stock Control
  • Employee relations and management
Certified Support Professional 10.6
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2010
  • Handling support requests (1st and 2nd level)
  • Apple Software Knowledge (Expert Level)
  • Problem Solving (1st level)
Sarda Verifiche Srl, Cagliari (Italy)2010

Course and exam as safety representative for workers (D. Lgs 81/08)

Store Manager Course (Level II)
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2011
  • Advanced management for Apple Resellers
  • Sales Network management
  • Employee coaching and training
  • Relations with suppliers and external collaborators
  • Online Marketing
Sales Management
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2012
  • Sales Network management (Lev. II)
  • Demand generation
  • Employee network management
Customer Experience
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2012
  • Mastering the customer experience in store (understanding, analyzing and perfecting)
  • Improving customer experience with programmatic workflows
Certified Macintosh & iOS Technician
Espero Srl for Apple Inc, Milano (Italy)2013

Technical course with final exam.

  • 2nd level hardware technician (Mac and iOS)
  • Workflows management
  • Handling support in-store and in-lab
  • Safety
  • iOS devices management in Business e Educational environment
Certified Support Professional 10.9
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2013
  • Handling support requests in enterprise environment 
  • Apple Software and Server Knowledge (Expert Level)
  • Problem Solving (2nd level)
Store Manager Course (Level III)
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2013
  • Store network management
  • Handling Support Request
  • Post-sale on multiple locations
Customer Experience (Level II)
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2013
  • Tasks implementation and management to increase customer satisfaction
  • Staff coaching
Service Manager
Apple Inc., Milano (Italy)2014
  • Service workflow management
  • Front desk techniques and employee training
Apple Technical Learning
Apple Inc. (Online)2015-2016

Various course and exams about 

  • Service providers' management
  • Products knowledge
  • Technical skills
Business Management
Stock Control
Visual Merchandising
Analytical Thinking
Strategic Marketing
Conflict Resolution
Highly proficient
Proficient (B2/C1)
Movies & TV Series